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One People, One Community

Now everyone has a voice.

Share your viewpoints, opinions, and events, with the Black community!


About Us

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Increase Awareness

Share events and opinions about Black culture with the world

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Network Globally

Connect with Black people across the globe and create a stronger community

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Support Activism

We amplify content that focuses on the fight for social justice in the Black community

Mission Statement

PANNtv unites members of the African diaspora through platforms that allow for continuous coverage of news & events focused on Black culture.

How it Works

“Created to amplify stories that mainstream media misses, PANNtv gives a voice to the Black community

Why PANNtv

Now is the time for the Black community to control its narrative. Use PANNtv to connect with the entire global Black community in one location. Share your content with people that care and will take action. Unite with members of the global Black diaspora. Join PANNtv today!

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“Until the lion tells the story, the hunter will always be the hero.” –African Proverb

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” –Malcolm X

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Darren Harris
Founder & CEO

  • 3x Entrepreneur
  • 15 years advising companies at Goldman Sachs
  • Howard University graduate
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Deus Duke

  • 10+ years in software development
  • Engineering Manager at Pear Therapeutics
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Amaya Lascano
Principal Designer

  • 15  years design experience
  • Sr. User Experience Designer at Dolby Laboratories


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